Roswell Witness Described ‘Morphing Memory Metal’; A Tribute to Earl Fulford (Redux)

Roswell Witness Described 'Morphing Memory Metal'; A Tribute to Earl Fulford (Redux)

Free at last

     What’s it like to talk freely about a state secret you’ve been forced to live with for 60 years?

“Earl felt like he was out of prison,” recalls Mary Fulford. “He felt like he’d been held for years in a vacuum and finally was released. It was great. The last two years of his life, he was in his glory because he was able to speak up.”

Earl Fulford was one of many who went public two years ago, in a book called “Witness to Roswell” by Don Schmitt and Thomas Carey.

Billy Cox

By Billy Cox
De Void

He was stationed at Roswell Army Air Field in 1947 when he was ordered into the so-called UFO debris field for cleanup detail. Joined by more than a dozen other grunts, and under the hawk-eyed command of MPs, Fulford described gathering more than a dozen foil-like strips of memory metal, which morphed into their original, wrinkle-free shapes after he crumpled them in his fist.

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