UFO Sighting in North Olmsted, Ohio on 2017-05-27 22:45:00 – We saw a bright orange light flying in a straight path from west to a east

My neighbor and i were standing outside enjoying a fire when he pointed up and said what’s that thing? i then noticed a bright orange light/orb to the west. we started trying to identify the craft and we eliminated that it could be a fixed wing aircraft. i thought it could be a helicopter since there is some helicopter traffic in the area but we soon eliminated that as the object continued flying east towards us since it made no sound and the bright orange light was not normal for a helicopter. i that it could be a chinese lantern but the flight path seemed controlled from west to east. my neighbor went to grab his wife and i took my phone out to begin filming the orange orb but then it pulsated and fizzled out as soon as i attempted to film it. it was definitely unusual as we do have air traffic in the area but since i am familiar with most of the aircraft and can identify most aircraft. i am curious not see if we can identify the orange object and to see if there are any other witnesses .

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