Alien Encounter in New Haven, Connecticut on 2008-12-07 22:35:00 – A yellowish ameoba like “cloud” that came to me when i called to it but changed when it floated over my head, like looking into a black hole!

On december 7, 2008 at 10:35 pm i was gazing the sky from the deck of my work place when i noticed something moving in the sky where moments before there was nothing there. my original thought was “how could i have not seen this plane?” but instantly knew this was some kind of entity or energy -an apparition that was yellowish and lucent and amoeba like. i started to scream at it “i’m here! here i am!! i’m right here!” over and over. it was in the sky north of me and started to move toward me. it moved toward me in straight lines but taking 90 degree turns. i kept yelling as it came closer. it moved southernly like seaweed being reeled in on a hook but floated 90 degrees easterly like the amoeba. and then it was floating over my head. my bravado of “i’m here! i am right here! etc etc” had now turned to “oh my god oh my god” over and over again. i was petrified! i was now looking up into a black hole! it had a brilliant thin white light surrounding it and sky blue light on its south side with light pink light on its north, but still in the amoeba shape. it pulsated as just hovered over my head. and it was perhaps 40 to 50 feet above me. i thought “what are you?” but kept looking into the blackness of the “hole.” i felt afraid. i could see the sky around the apparition, which gave me some point of reference -going from the black abyss to the dark blue sky, with a few stars. i felt an emptiness. then i thought “should i run inside and hide under a chair?” it was instantaneous that as the thought went thru my mind that this entity started movig away. i was silent for a moment – happy that it was leaving. but as it left i started yelling “i’m sorry! i was afraid! come back!” i didn’t really mean it when i said come back. but it left with the 90 degree turns as it moved south. as it got further i had to lean my back over the deck railing to keep it in view until the roof line blocked my vision. i then ran through the building to the south side only to look up and see only the sky. i went back in my building leaned against the wall, tears in my eyes, i said why me god? but said thank you (whomever he or she is).

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