UFO Sighting in Colonial Heights, Virginia on 1961-10-01 00:00:00 – One bright light that became 11 dimmer lights that came from the bright light. the bright light got dimmer as others came out from it.

This is an account of what i believe was a sighting of a ufo in the early 1960’s. i was probably about 15 or 16 years old at the time. i don’t remember wearing a heavy winter coat so i believe this happened during a fair weather month. probably autumn.

i lived on richmond avenue in colonial heights, virginia, about half a block east of the boulevard.

when i saw the object in the sky i called two neighbor kids out to watch it with me. the sighting was in early evening probably around 7 or 8 o’clock. in any event it was not long after dark.

the entire time period of the sighting lasted for about 20 to 30 minutes. the object appeared to be a very bright star approximately east northeast of the intersection of richmond avenue and the boulevard. at the time i believed the bright light to be over the fort lee airstrip. however, there was no way of knowing just how far or near the object was. also, there was no sound.

this is an account of what we saw:

there was a very bright light that looked exactly like a star in the sky. as time passed a small light slowly left the bright light and appeared to come forward and to the right side of the main light. after a minute or two, another small light slowly left the object and came forward and to the left side of the main object. this continued until there were about 11 objects in the sky. when each light left the main light, the main light lost some of its brightness. at the point where all the small lights were in the sky, the main light was no brighter than the smaller objects. after a minute or two, the small lights slowly went back and joined the main object. it was almost as if they went back exactly in reverse of how they came away from the main object. eventually all the small lights rejoined the main light and as each one rejoined the main light, the main light became brighter until it was very bright again. then the object moved away in an easterly direction until it became so dim that it disappeared from sight.

the only way i can imagine anyone duplicating what we saw would be if they lined up eleven helicopters in a line east to west. then turned on their searchlights. then kept the front of each helicopter facing west, then left the line one at a time and moved away from the line. then hovered for about a minute after all the other helicopters moved out to take similar positions. then moved back into formation without turning around. then backed away until they went out of sight.

likely? i think not.

was this a ufo? i don’t know, but i cannot explain what we saw in any logical way. as far as i’m concerned, it was a ufo and because of it i find it easy to believe others when they say they have seen a ufo.

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