UFO Sighting in El Mirage, Arizona on 2017-05-14 22:08:00 – Witness by my wife and i. you can hear us describe what we see as we observe it.

On the night of may 14, a sunday at 10:08pm, my wife and i went for our usual night walk. half way through our walk we both looked up into a cloudless night sky. what caught our attention was this red/orange orb hovering just above us and to the right. i immediately pulled out my phone to capture whatever it was. being a former infantry marine i knew what it wasn’t-a flare. this object was over a residential neighborhood and was the only thing in the sky. it hovered for a few seconds before flying in a straight path. then it started to bounce and fly in different directions before moving straight again. afterwards it started to flicker on and off before disappearing. you can hear the exchange my wife and i are having as we describe what we’re seeing.

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