UFO Sighting in Iowa City, Iowa on 2017-05-15 00:00:00 – Suddenly appeared

I was driving late at night south of iowa city iowa headed north about midnight. there was a white work van passing me when all of a sudden this object appeared up in the air and slightly to our right. i know that the driver of the van also saw the object because they applied their brakes.
at first i thought that maybe this was an advertisement of some kind but then i realized that there was no writing etc. on it. i cannot say for sure how long i observed it but once in a while i could see some type pf structue attached to it that looked like a giant fish net or something,possibly a series of windows. after some period of time i guess i passed underneath it
and continued on my journey. i do not know why i did not stop, possibly
fear, but i had no feeling of such. i came back thru that area on my return to florida about a week later and noticed that there were large power lines along the side of the road where the event took place.

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