UFO Sighting in Spring, Texas on 2017-05-27 21:40:00 – Unknown red orange orbs

I was in the front yard trying out my sons telescope he recived for his birthday that friday with him and few other family members while trying to focuse on the moon my nephew started yelling look look over there when we looked up we saw 1st orb with orange and red glow coming very fast from behind us. at first sight i couldnt belive what we were seeing bright redish and orange glowing orbs ive never seen anything like it other than online from other ufo sightings i knew i had to get it on film so i pulled out my phone and started to film but lost sight of the first one by that time a few cars on the road stopped and started yelling what are thoes i looked again and saw a second orb chase the first orb it was identical to the first and came from the same direction it then started to chase the first one all over the top of our home and a few other houses i filmed the second one and and moments later they shot into the sky and disappeared .

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