UFO Sighting in Cork, on 2017-04-05 00:00:00 – a bright orange ball flew across the sky at a controlled pace. i went to bottom of garden and looked up and felt heat on my face. my eyes were sore for about 10 mins afterward.

It was about 12.30 at night. i was in my back garden getting some fresh air after studying for exams.I suddenly saw a bright orange ball flying at a seemed controlled pace across the sky. the sky was clear and there were no clouds. i could see that it didn’t match to any stars in the sky as it was too large. it was not a plane, as there were no flashing exterior lights. i walked down to the bottom of my garden and looked directly up at it. i stared up at it and suddenly began to feel some form of heat on my face. after about 10 seconds, my eyes started to get sore. the object passed up quite slowly, which i thought was unusual at the time. it disappeared about 1 minute later, with no increase in speed, into the dark. my eyes were a bit fuzzy and sore for about 10 minutes afterward.

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