UFO Sighting in Lima, Callao Region on 1890-10-28 20:00:00 – Peru. ufo sighting before the big earthquake, october, 1746

This happened days before the most powerful earthquake of peru. it destroyed lima and a tsunami covered callao killing all people living there except a few people that came to lima to tell what happened, october 28th, 1746. a “meteor” can’t last in the sky for more than 15 minutes, it lasts just seconds! the book “a particular relation of the late earthquake at lima and callao”, london, 1748 translated into english, from the original in spanish written in lima by order of the viceroy, page 101 (there must be an error writing may, because the earthquake was in october):

“we shall conclude this article with the account of a meteor which happened the 14th of may about nine at night. there appeared to the east of lima a globe of fire of an extraordinary size: which having for more than a quarter of an hour enlighted the plains like another sun, dispersed in an infinite number of little sparks, which descended, as it were, to embrace the earth, and presently dissapeared. these people, says our author, being very superstitious, imagined that this phænomenon presaged some terrible earthquake, which in a few days was happen and swallow them all up.

that earthquake was so impressive for the king of spain that changed the title of nobility of the viceroy of peru to earl of superunda (over the waves, in latin).
attached a drawing of the callao tsunami
(i selected the year 1890 because the form has not previous years)

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