UFO Sighting in Wapakoneta, Ohio on 2017-05-29 09:50:00 – Single yellow orb in sky which was higher than planes. it continued in a straight line then went farther into the sky until gone.

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my name is devin, i was walking with a group of friends in wapakoneta ohio on may 29, 2017. i like to look in the sky when i walk because it’s something i have always done and it helps me think. i know what a plane looks like and i know what the flying lanterns look like, but what i saw then wasn’t either of which. i saw it around 9:40 pm along with my friends. it was a single yellow orb way higher than i have seen a plane or anything in general. it continued in a straight line for a few seconds before it turned and started going higher and higher into the sky until it was gone. i know it wasn’t a balloon because it was glowing. i was able to get pictures before it disappeared. i’m hoping someone can tell me it was something else that would make sense because so far i have been getting laughed at. so i have turned to this community to help me out.

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