UFO Sighting in Hertford, England on 2017-05-27 01:35:00 – White orb shape

I was on the look out for ufo,s as i have had a number of sightings here in hertford, it is a ufo hot spot, i have stanstead airport a few miles away and planes are passing over and they put their head lights on for landing but at a distance they look like one light but as they get nearer you can see the twin head lights and the red and green lights, these ufo,s look like a plane with its head lights on at a distance but i watch them coming towards me and you can see it is an orb covered in a white light travelling slow at about 80 mph and i managed to film this one with a new camcorder i have just bought and it was not set up right and i could not see the orb on the viewing screen, so i am just pointing the camera in the direction of this ufo hoping to catch it, the ufo is flying in a straight line the wobble is me moving the camera around not the ufo flying funny.

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