UFO Sighting in Deep River, Ontario on 2017-05-30 00:00:00 – It would pulse and then fade out towards the front of the pulse and then reappear farther down with another pulse and fade out

My wife had just gone out for a cigarette when she called me out to have a look at this light which had caught her eye coming out of south southwest and was pulsating. i am ex-military and having served in a number of, shall we say, hostile zones, no known aircraft i have ever seen has ever done this. my wife’s first impression was that it was weird. my first impression of it was. i did not know. my description of it would be an extreme pulse of energy which would fade out forward, it would cone forward and then darkness and then another flash farther down, but too far for a passenger airplane to have traveled. and it would be a hard stretch for any fighter jet to of travel that distance. the night was cloudless. the air was completely still, had a jet fighter been travelling at, let us say mock 2+, which it would have had to of been doing, i would have heard it, and so would have everybody else. back to the description, when the pulse of light, that we both observed, did not appear to have any forward movement itself. it did appear though to move about, like a dazzle.On two occasions what looked like a white dot flash out and move about and then the next flash would appeared farther down. it headed out, when we lost sight of it in what appeared to be a north east or north northeast direction, into the province of qu├ębec, that direction would leave you up into a lot of wooded area and when i mean a lot. i mean, a canadian forest a lot. the whole siting took approximately 40 seconds to a minute. our feelings were at the beginning were a little confused as to what we were seeing but that turned into this is really cool. in the area in question. there are a lot of aircraft military aircraft in the area. so that is a common occurrence. we know what every military aircraft sound like that come into this area.

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