UFO Sighting in Inverness, Scotland on 2017-05-26 00:00:00 – Multiple star like objects moving around the sky

A group of us were camping at loch ness on friday the 26th of may and i was on the beach looking at the completely clear sky around 3am when i saw something moving that looked like a star. i called my two friends over to confirm what i was seeing as it was changing direction erratically. we saw another start to move and the two lights approached each other, revolved around one another and then stayed stationary. we then noticed that multiple stars in other areas of the sky were doing the same thing, moving around andd staying put in different places. the paths of the objects would freqently move direction. a couple appeared from out of nothing. the most notable of them was a group of four with one brighter than the rest move from different parts of the sky until the brightest was in a central point and three others surrounded it in a wide triangle before staying fixed and just hanging like stars. this was just to the left of the big dipper constellation. the other notable one was where a star appeared rather suddenly and brightly next to another (close to the triangle formation) and moved west, until it disappeared from view behind the trees on the mountainside. stars were regularly changing position in the sky and revolving around each other, changing direction – they almost looked like they were interacting with one another.

the place was entirely silent with no sounds of helicopters, and i don’t think they were sattelites or aeroplanes as they were constantly and sharply changing direction. a few hours later, we did see what looked like a military helicopter pass west.

i have seen this exact same thing three times – the first being on the 28th december 2014 where two “stars” did the aformentioned revolving thing and stayed put. the next one around a month ago where my sister was there to comfirm that i was seeing what i was seeing, moving as before but we saw about four or five stars do this same motion.

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