UFO Sighting in Mumbai, Maharashtra on 2010-01-16 23:45:00 – At first it glowed like the sun-orange white then it maintained a steady amber till it dissapeared

It was a school reunion party of 14 people on the terrace of a building. when suddenly at around 11:45 gmt a friend first pointed out a something in the sky,when we all looked to see it. we saw a huge amber/orange orb glowing with rays emitting from it, it lit up the sky. it had a steady velocity and steady direction. as it came closer the glowing subsided and it maintained a steady amber bright light. im a ufo enthusiast since the last 15 years and knew what i saw but i just could not believe that i would be a witness in reality! one weird and odd observation was that it seemed to ascend but also go in a straight line. i thought i was lucky and this was a life changing experience and all my doubts went away at that moment..When suddenly we all saw a second one following the same direction and altitude. i just couldn’t believe my luck and eyes.

we were so awe stricken that we had a slr camera among us but only at the last min someone took a video of it but it was only 1-2 seconds of it. the whole episode took not more than a minute. interestingly in the video you can see the pulsating colors like white red blue green which we could not see otherwise.

there was airline pilot among us who verified that it was not an aircraft. no sound, no jet trail, no port starboard or landing lights. ironically the direction of the objects was exactly perpendicular to the airport flight path and there is mo way that mumbai atc would have missed this. the sea shore was a km away. objects may have flown above water at an altitude of about a 500 to 1500 feet.

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