UFO Sighting in Norwalk, Ohio on 2017-06-01 03:35:00 – 2 starlike objects that moved in unison slowly, paused, glowed brighter, then dimmed and took off

June 1st 2017 at 3:30ish am, walked outside with a friend to for a cigarette, looking for satellites when i noticed 2 faint star like objects that were moving so slowly that i first assumed were stars. we then noticed they were moving, and at first thought they were satellites. then we noticed that they moved together in perfect unison, but were clearly 2 separate objects. about 2-3 inches away and at a diagonal from one another from our point of view.

once i pointed them out to my friend, they seemed to move slightly faster, became much brighter, about as bright as venus can get, they then came to a complete stop while still being brightly lit up, and then started moving southeast at a much faster pace while going back to their original luminosity. the objects were roughly at a 45 degree angle from the horizon which didnt change much before they werent visible to us anymore. maybe 35ish degrees when they disappeared. once again all of their movement was completely in sync.

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