UFO Sighting in Windham, Maine on 1992-06-14 20:00:00 – Possible abduction, gained 10-15 minutes of time

Where i grew up in gorham all us kids saw the orange balls in the night sky. they were common to us as stars. this evening in question my friends mother called my house she was making cookies and invited me over as she’s done before. i got premission and headed out the door. it was about a 15 minute walk up the road, just after dusk. a few minutes into my walk i noticed one of the orange balls in the sky, thought nothing of it, till it came to a dead stop. i stopped walking, the balls never stopped in the sky before. then it came straight at me, i was engulfed in yellow white light. as soon as it happened it was over, blinding light was all i could see for a second till my eyes readjusted, and my body was huddeled on the asphalt as though i was ducking from something, i stood up, and decided to continue. i arrived at the house, knocked on the door and saw through the window my friends mother hanging up the phone. she came to the door and a look of panic took her face. she let me in, cookies never made it to the oven, she sat down and told me that was me she was on the phone with.
i have had regressive therapy to figure out what happened, with little luck. in my session the only thing that changes is when i left my house there was a white light across the horizon to the south. as i walked towards where the incident happened, the white light follows up the sky behind me, till i get to where the ball of light comes at me, and both lights meet, blindingly bright. i still greatly want to know what happened, even more so latly. how did i gain time? what would have happened if i chose to go back home? would i have encountered myself?

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