Does believing in aliens conflict with Christian faith?

Does believing in aliens conflict with Christian faith?

     Some people believe that aliens exist, but is it okay if Christians believe the same thing? The answer is “no,” according to Dr. Danny R. Faulkner of Answers in Genesis.
By JB Cachila

“The thought that aliens might be living on other planets may sound innocent enough. But lurking underneath are some deep theological dangers,” he wrote on their website.

Faulkner said Christian belief about extraterrestrials is no trivial matter. He noted though that the Bible makes no mention of “ETs or flying saucers.” If there is life on other planets, then that must mean God made them, too.

“From the Bible, we know that this is not how life came about on the earth. Rather, God especially created life on this planet,” he said. “It would be inconsistent to believe that God created life on earth but that life arose naturally on other worlds.”

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