UFO Sighting in Connecticut on 1965-05-31 00:00:00 – Had been abducted multiple times by the age of 6, had reppor with entities.

The first time i remember was sleeping at night and woke up to a knock on my bedroom door. some how, i knew it wasn’t my parents but a very tall person, along with another that was the same size as me. i had this mental image as i walked to open my door. i saw exactly what i was imaging and was not scared at all. i never had seen these people before, but i did as they wanted. know-one spoke, but i could hear them talk to me in my head. my dad was sleeping in the other room. there was a blueish low light so i could see. i followed them to the hall closet.There was an access panel to the attic. i said i could not climb up. the tall man said,”just try” it was as i floated up in the air and and easily went through the hole. i was so excited,it was fun. then the small person went through the roof like it wasn’t even there.So i followed him.As i started to got through,i got really scared and grabbed the ground wire that ran across the house.The wire broke and i fell back into the house. something bad happened to the small man. i didn’t realize that he was badly hurt.I found out later it was the ground wire that caused a problem. the tall man reassured me and i went through the roof. it was like swimming through water.As i stood on top of my house, just looking around the neighborhood, i was amazed at all i could see. they must have replaced the small man with another person that was my size.He put a sleeve that loosely fit around my forearm.Then suddenly it conformed to my arm tightly. there was lights that i could see on this sleeve. red, green, blue, they were flashing. the tall man pushed the lights and we suddenly started going straight up. we got so high up that i was scared to death. there was absolutely nothing under our feet. i grabbed and held tightly on to the tall man’s leg. just liked a son does to his dad’s. he did not say a word and let me hold on to him. he knew how scared i was. i started to feel safe with him. we ended up in a room that had other kids walking all over.This was 1965, maybe 1966.That was what triggered my recall of events that had been surpressed in my sub-concious for all most 50 years.I have many bits of memory of things that happened.That’s when i relized i had been taken many times before and after.

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