UFO Sighting in Alberta on 2017-06-03 23:25:00 – Multiple craft traveling in orbit at speeds estimated to be 8/10x faster than any known satilite

I was camping in the north ghost river campground last night and looked up as the first object was passing over, to describe the speed it was across the horizon in a matter of moments followed by two craft one of which converged on the second craft, if i were to estimate the orbital distance id have it pegged at 320 km above the earth and capable of traveling at speeds in excess of 224000 km/h (orbiting speed)
a fourth object was also seen a few moments after traveling on a much more obscure path and making a wide arc to the south east to match the path of the first three objects. it’s my belief based on the erratic behavior of these objects that these were piloted space craft under an extreme amount of power based on their ability to change direction suddenly. i was left feeling after the sightings terrified and afraid to sleep in my tent.

my partner also was rattled by the amazing speed of the grouping of objects.

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