UFO Sighting in Norco, California on 2017-06-04 20:30:00 – Satellite, spacecraft, or some type of fast orbital or upper atmosphere craft across the sky.

Was standing in backyard with friends and gazed almost straight upward at the moon and noticed a shimmering star that was moving in a very long wide arc from right upper side of the moon to left lowerside of the moon outline in the upper sky. as it continued in a very steady and smooth path of travel across the very distant sky it continued all the way across towards an easternly direction as it continued past the eastern horizon beyond line of sight. it did not appear to be on fire or look to be a meteorite or something entering earth’s atmosphere. it never changed size or seem to be getting any larger as it approached or smaller as it went past and away from us. it did however on several occasions seem to get fainter and even mostly disappear and on a couple of other occasions grow brighter, but never actually changing in size or direction. i think that i would attribute this trait to possible cloud cover in the very upper regions of the sky obscuring the object from our sight from our vantage point. the object was viewed for what seemed to be a fairly long duration but at the same time it seemed to be moving at an extreme speed in the upper atmosphere. it might have been a satellite but a very swift and very low orbiting satellite or possibly some sort of space vehicle, missle or other upper atmosphere based craft entering into earth orbit. it did not appear to be falling out of orbit as it did not look like it was falling or being pulled down but more like it was going away and into a orbit. i can not find any launch or deployment info on the net that coinsides with this sighting. hence this is why i am inclined to report it here.

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