UFO Sighting in North Providence, Rhode Island on 2017-06-02 04:00:00 – This object has been appearing over rhode island daily for a week now

This object has been appearing over rhode island daily for a week now.
i first noticed it about 1 week ago,5 30 17, and have taken photos and video of said object using my android smartphones camera.
about 4am daily, something that must be rather large is reflecting the sun brillintly for about an hour before at seems to vanish as the angle of incidence changes. or perhaps it isn’t visible in daylight but seems to remain in geostationary orbit as it’s in the same spot every morning now.
my wife and i both watched this every day for a week now and when you zoom in on the still pics you can clearly see a round metalic object. i doubt its a satelite, as its too large, but don’t know the distance either. see pics, decide for yourself! oddly enough, my face is peeling as if i got a sunburn between 4-5am eastern time

btw, this is not my first report filed with mufon. i’ve been a victim of sleep paralysis during which i witnessed a non human entity, have experienced lost time and seem to constantly be suffering from one ailment after another, and each battery of medical tests show nothing, yet i’ve scoop marks, etc..

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