UFO Sighting in Whitestone , New York on 2017-06-03 18:01:00 – Between 6pm & 7pm saturday i witnessed multiple reflective objects that just seamed to apear out of the sky and travel in a south easterly direction sometime two at a time sometimes just one but this went on for about 45 minutes

i was in my back yard when i noticed a very reflective object appear in the sky . it was about 6pm. the sky was clear and the moon was clearly visible.
i observed the object till it just vanished . over the next 20 minutes i witnessed 3 more of these. they seamed to look like stars .I asked my wife to come outside to verify what i was seeing. because these objects would just appear seemingly out of nowhere my wife said that it could have been parachutes, but i have never seen parachutes from my backyard.

i have attached a video i took from my phone
in the very beginning of the video you can see a floating white orb just above and to the right of the roof line to my garage you can then see the moon

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