UFO Landing in Indianapolis, Indiana on 2017-05-15 04:15:00 – Like a pumpkin with with a big door. stairs leading to the door. it looked like it was made of glass. i went inside to another stairway. there were doors all around, like garage doors. they opened from the bottom. this is not the first time i have been he

I’ve been in this object numerous times since i was 17. it only happens to me when i’m sleeping alone in my room. i sleep on the couch to avoid this. what they’ve done to me, i’m not proud of. how anything, human or not could do the things they did to me is beyond my comprehension. since my grandson is tpying this for me, i’m not going to blurt it out. use your imagination.It was never up the stairs, it was always on the bottom floor on a table. i’ll be glad when they start leaving me alone, i’m almost 65.

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