UFO Sighting in North Las Vegas, Nevada on 2017-06-03 00:00:00 – Bright object appearing to have wings but which changed when viewed with binoculars

When looking at the object with the naked eye it just appeared to be very brightly lit and to have wings. however this changed when viewing with binoculars, and again when viewed through the night vision app on the phone. also when viewing with the naked eye, no change in shape or motion could be noticed.

when viewing through binoculars it was radically different. now i could see that there was first a sort of cylinder shape, with equal parts colored red, white and blue, which glowed very brightly. then it looked like it was beaming a spotlight, and at first i thought it was beaming a light to search the ground but as i watched it seemed to cause a thing to materialize at the end of the beam (which widened), which thing looked like a sparkly cloud that kind of shimmered or had shimmering bits in it. at all times when it was doing this it maintained the same distance between it and the object at the end of the beam. while it did this, it was just sort of floating around in the sky, and then occasionally the first section, the red-white-blue cyclinder, would change into sort of a half-circle of lights that looked like candle-flames next to one another, like five or six candle-flames in a semi-circle. then other times it became a glowing ring. it would alternate between these the whole time. oftentimes when it moved it reminded me of the way a butterfly moves.

it did this while i watched for about two hours, and then the sun came up. as it grew lighter outside, the craft seemed to just begin floating upward, and rose higher and higher til i eventually couldn’t see it.

when i viewed it through the night vision app, it appeared just as a very bright glowing object that left trails, but no detail could be seen. the only time you could see detail or even see it doing anything at all was with the binoculars. with the naked eye, it just looked like a brightly lit aircraft and didn’t appear to be doing anything and you could not see it moving or making any beam or ring or anything, but as soon as i looked through the binoculars i could see these things.

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