UFO Sighting in College Point, New York on 1991-03-06 00:00:00 – Glowing green trail with sporadic red sparkles at tip of trail

My boss and i had just returned to our warehouse following the repair of our cable tv plant. object held steady straight course and emanated from our perspective from the area of citifield stadium moving northeast toward whitestone bridge at an altitude of about 400 feet. distance to object 200 yards. too dark to see the object itself. prominent, actually the only feature was a dense but progressively narrowing luminous green trail of perhaps 3 to 4 feet long with conical shape culminating to a sharp point where red and green sparkles could be seem sporadically falling from the tip of the trail. object moved directly trough the approach path of laguardia runway 31 at a speed somewhat slower than a heavy jet on final. direction, speed, altitude all remained constant. i understand the object was viewed from virginia to maine per newspaper article march 7th. i have yet to see a good description and felt compelled to add my description to this older event.

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