UFO Sighting in Glens Falls, New York on 2017-06-07 13:45:00 – A wobbly saturn like object, reflecting sunlight with a chrome like appearance. it appeared in the southern sky for 10-20 seconds. i went to view it outside and it was not there. i came back inside to the same spot to view it and it was gone.

1. i was inside of my apartment reading my messages.
2. i was staring out at the blue sky because it had been gray and rainy for a number of days. an apparent shiny object was there. i stared at it trying to register what it was.
3. at first i thought it was a silver balloon. balloons that you get blown up for parties that have specialties written on them.
4. the object then seemed much bigger. it was reflecting sunlight and seemed chrome. the shape would best be described as saturn like. it moved about at a wobble, but seemed to have a method about it. so, my first guess would not coincide with these seemingly calculated movements.
5. during the sighting i was curious and skeptical. i didn’t quite believe my eyes, but thought i must because i have never before hallucinated such things and was not on any kind of drug. a certain amount of excitement accompanied this event, for i have always been fascinated by the thought of seeing a ufo, but was always skeptical.
6. i lost sight of the object when i went outside to get a better look at it.

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