UFO Sighting in London, England on 2017-06-06 20:39:00 – Two ships one larger and one smaller see text in details below

I was driving last night and saw this bright object – i looked again and didn’t see anything.

my eyes wandered and then i saw it. i quickly took out my phone and took some snaps. it then seemed to rapidly move and disappeared into thin air even in a clear sky.

i was shocked when i looked at my pictures later in the evening and saw the strange crafts – the larger mother looking ship and it’s sister ship / module / vertical looking craft that also seems to be alongside the main craft.

it seemed like the smaller craft was very close and then moved or exited the other craft.

my aviation friend has years of flight time and has no idea at all as to what man made object this could be, the second smaller craft in vertical position totally throwed him.

i’ve waited all my life to see a spacecraft of some sort..I am still lost as to what these crafts could be…

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