UFO Sighting in Prestwood, England on 2017-05-30 01:00:00 – Multiple fast moving star size lights interacting with each other, high altitude (not satellites) & lower brighter bigger light flew over house & 2nd appeared & followed

I am a ufo enthusiast, i often observe clear skies with reasonably powerful binoculars. on the night i’ve dated above, i witnessed multiple very fast moving star sized lights, yellow/white in colour which cannot be seen with naked eye. they are usually visible for as long as i can see, or until they disappear out of view over the roof line/horizon. have seen similar lights before but only occasionally and without such obvious alterations in direction.

this particular night i was spoilt for choice, they kept appearing, some would seem to start moving when i latched my sight onto them, whilst others were already racing across sky when i found them. some slowed a little, changed flight path a little then continued at fast pace.

one in particular seemed to avoid other lights/stars and one of the lights it approached started moving away from it also at a fast pace and the light i was tracking also made a very noticeable change in direction (not a u-turn) to seemingly avoid contact or avoid the immediate space surrounding the other light. something i’ve never witnessed before. definitely intelligently controlled craft of some sort and strongly looked like there was interaction between them, albeit what appeared to be avoidance of each other.

second incident as also listed above was actually around 1 week earlier (23/24 may -2017 and around 12 – 1am (est). i was having a cigarette in the garden and as always, with it being a clear night, i kept my “eyes on the skies” and i noticed a very bright/pure white light, much larger than any star or planet but smaller than a full moon which was moving at a steady and relatively slow speed in the sky. i ran into my house and grabbed my binoculars, quite quickly managed to lock sight onto the light.

it was moving towards me/my house and grew larger as it approached. it was one solid steady light, was not pulsating and had no side lights as you would expect with a terrestrial craft. i listened very carefully and there was absolutely no sound what-so-ever (this really caught my attention as it was ticking all the boxes), also no other terrestrial craft visible or to be heard. the light was at least a few hundred feet above me (possibly higher) but the most startling occurrence for me was when it was almost directly above me, another light seemed to appear out of nowhere, it was slightly ahead of the first light (in direction it was travelling) and was completely stationary and lit up from nothing to the same size and brightness as the first light.

the light i was already tracking continued at the same speed without faltering from its straight line path and the second light (exactly the same in colour and size) then followed its path, almost along side each other and the pair of lights continued at i think roughly the same speed until i lost them to the roof line.

100% definite craft of intelligent control & no sound at all.

the most obvious and closest sighting i’ve ever encountered and providing i don’t get abducted and probed, long may they continue. has restored my interest in the subject, i am obsessed again! if i am fortunate enough to witness anything else of significance i will be sure to contact mufon. will be sure to record next sighting too! cheers – james

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