UFO Sighting in Malone, New York on 2017-06-08 12:10:00 – I was outside feeding animals when i heard a low humming coming from infront and above me i looked up and saw a shiny disk comincoming fast across the feild i took a picture it hovered then shot away fast

I woke up to go feed the animals about 1100 am after getting dressed and going outdoors it was about noon or a bit after i was in the front yard when i heard a low humming noise above and infront of me i looked up and saw a shiny disk in the distance im not entirely sure how big it was or how fast it went just very fast it got louder till it stopped and hovered a few 100 ft behind and above the power lines i was able to snap one photo clearly with my cell phone before it shot away faster then ive ever seen anything fly and disapeared i think i heard a sonic boom

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