UFO Sighting in New York, New York on 2017-06-01 13:27:00 – Reflective rectangle shape hovering over manhattan

I live in midtown manhattan, and ever since i moved here i have very strange intuition involving things im not accustomed to. usually the events turn out correct. well, this day i got a strange feeling that something wasn’t normal with the cloud cover and pulled out my webcam. while filming i did notice there is a section of the sky above the hudson river with clouds that seemed to be completely still and oddly shaped. while the other clouds were travelling the normal route, se to ne, this strange shaped cloud just stood still.. with intermittent movements in a northern direction. nothing too strange so i went about my business. 8 days later i came across the photos on my pc and began to notice that the clouds had a lot of right angles in a rectangular shape. then i noticed that if you really study the photos you will see that the clouds do not even line up.. as if somebody had copy and pasted a box of clouds within my photo. however, this is not the case. this photo is totally untouched. as i was deciding to send the photo for a second opinion, i noticed that within the box that seems pasted, there is a clear shape of a person or something.. i dont understand, but i know something is not right in the photo. also, in the video i submitted with the photo, you will notice the strange clouds dont travel.. they just hover and spin in a circle. strange.

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