Black Triangle Sighting in Sierra Vista, Arizona on 1961-04-07 14:00:00 – Az. desert very isolated. detail pictures taken 30ft. pictures, negatives, camera taken, 2 men fbi. told secret w/threats”. 1 arizona, 1 california (lost 58min), & 1 nevada (chased parallel). all 3 very isolated area’s .

* don’t expect to be believed!

> ref: 1st experience in az. was 16 w/dad prospecting. area observed in was no-fly area for light planes & helicopters of that time, w/dangerous up & down draft’s. object was landed/stationary w/3 maybe humaniods (1 only full frontal) approx 5-6′ in white looking maybe coveralls of some type w/no head gear exposure w/high cranial features. approx 30′ circumference craft (propultion not visible) no lights w/embosed exterior in gray color. 1 craft only. pictures, negatives & camera (1950’s kodak technology but, good quality black & white). fbi id’d & confiscated all 3 in 2 or 3 days from picture’s turned in to developer new art photo tucson, az. it’s concerning how fast the fbi appeared. informed highly secret w/threats made by id’d fbi. i was close & could hear & see the id’d fbi agent’s when they came to our home? [1961.]

> ref: 3rd @ 1am w/58 minutes lost time. my wife contacted ca.Hwypatrol. i had called her at home to tell her i would be home @ normal travel time (1 hour) from gas station on cell. observed bright white est. @ 50ft circumference hovering over lake don pedro. i stopped @ pull out, got out of car to see. i left rapidly in car w/object moving straight to me after i observed 10 minutes hovering over lake. overtaken driving approx 5 minutes @ 60 to 70mph. lost memory 58 minutes, no traffic front or back. when awake again, was in car/driving w/sparce traffic front & rear. i don’t consider these creatures dangerous but, i do think they should not be doing these violation’s to any lesser developed individual’s. i suspect there is an agreement exchange federal to alien trading biology for technology? i suspect dulce n.M. as point of reference. i also suspect more than 1 type of alien visitation? [1997.]

> ref: 2nd experience was frighting. lonely 2 lane road @ 2am, no traffic hwy 95, ca. & nv. border near searchlight, nv. car eventually lost all power, rolled to stop. then object shot up quickly & all power came back mechanical & electronic’s. drove fast to get home to bull head city, az. object @ approx 70mph during 10 minute parallel travel. very close object to road & me, maybe 40′ between car & object. [1986]

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