UFO News Article: “UFO sightings puzzle police”

23 July 1983
(The Canberra Times, ACT, Australia)
Source: Trove, National Library of Australia, Canberra, ACT,
The whole article:
“MELBOURNE: Police are baffled by two unidentified flying objects sighted at Melton on the western outskirts of Melbourneearly yesterday morning.
Chief Inspector Ray Hickman said yesterday that the UFOs had been followed for about six hours by police from West Melton to the local shopping centre as they flew over the area.
The objects had been spotted by Constable Peter Ferguson and Constable Ray Allans while on car patrol about 1.30 am. They said later that one of the objects could have been a gyrocopter.
‘The other aircraft, which I also saw, was a jet-type craft about 13 by five metres,’ Inspector Hickman said. ‘It was a grey colour with white lights at the back and front and red lights on the top and underneath.’
It had been moving very quietly at about 130 to 145km/h.
Above the shopping centre both crafts’ lights had gone off and the UFOs had disappeared.
A spokesman for the Department of Aviation, Mr Ken Williams, said the aircraft control tower at Tullamarine had received an occasional signal but not enough to identify the aircraft.”


Satellite photo of Melbourne, Australia (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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