Alien Encounter in Varginha, State of Minas Gerais on 1996-01-20 20:30:00 – 1996 varginha-mg brazil ufo

I am sorry if this is not the right way to provide this information. however, today i saw on history channel a documentary about the 1996 varginha-mg brazil ufo “incident” and i would like to pass this information to you.
i believe that we are not alone in the universe but, i select and judge everything i see based on source and facts. among some ufo events, the “varginha ufo” event is the one that i consider a real/trustfull case.
in 1996 when it occurred, i tried to find out, to read and to watch as much news about the event as possible.
one thing that i saw and i never more heard and/or saw something about is the testimony of a old lady that seems to me to have more than 60 years old.
i watched the testimony of that lady on a rede globo de televisao┬┤s jornal nacional (globo network tv – national tv news).
according to her, she listened a noise in an empty ground beside her house. then, when she opened the door to the street, she saw a “creature” with big head and large eyes crouching leaning against her house wall with its “arms and hands protecting her face/head.
this was shown only one time on tv and i never more saw anything about that lady and her testimony. you can try to find out on globo tv and or talking to people in varginha.
in addition, i listened testimony of some doctors from campinas-sp brazil that were brought to varginha-mg brazil to evaluate the creatures that were found at that time. however, they stayed hours in room without to talk to anybody until a brazilian arm solder comes and sends them back home without any explanation.
i hope this help.
best regards,

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