UFO Sighting in Boisbriand, Quebec on 2017-06-10 10:14:00 – 4 light formation gathering distance between each other with a fifth on the side

On my balcony with my dog petting her before looking at jupiter with my bernoculars.I looked up and direction south west to look at the plannet and saw 5 orbs with a yellow red orange glow coming over my house.The first four where in formation but offset and gathering distance between each other the fifth was following twards the back but alone.In that direction the skies where clear but north east clowdy where they dissapered.I crossed my house grabed camera went in front outside but the clouds where to thick.Both front and back i never heard a sound of jet engines,no navigation lights or strobe lights like i see on jets overhead from mirabel or dorval.Even when they are hight up you can determine the nav lights and strobes even fighter jets.I have an observatory and do astrophotagraphy and have never seen colors like this on a moving object asteroid or comet the colors realy stood out for five moving objects the size of jupiter at an eye point of view.They past at the right of jupiter so it was easy to compare the five objects to it.

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