UFO Sighting in Fountain Hills, Arizona on 2017-06-09 00:00:00 – Larger than a home. silent. slow moving. flashing lights going to one light then flashing lights again and disappears over hill.

My neighbor had come over to visit. we sat on the deck til about 10:00 pm. she rose to go home and we both stood. i suddenly noticed this huge object defined by blinking lights overhead and moving very slowly. i would describe the lights as normal with earth-like reflections. it hovered silently as i gasped, “what the hell is that?” as i scrambled for a reality check i thought, it must be a drone of some kind. it went from the back yard, around my house, over her house across the street. the object appeared to hug the hillside as the lights went out except for one soft white light. by now we were both positioned to observe. it fired up colored lights again, moved slowly and silently over the hill and was gone.

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