UFO Sighting in Owmby-by-Spital, England on 2017-06-10 21:00:00 – Appeared evry day for 5 days so far i’m scared for me and my wife and kids

The 1st night i saw it just hoovering quite close it went down then came back up somewhere else i grabbed a phone to record but it was too late the next day it returns at the same time and in different places and searches around for ages i cort it on camera just as it landed again. the next day i got really scared it happend again i called police they came around the area but as i stayed anonymous i could not guide them so i thik they missed it parked up where it was very night before going ng on a search again and then going again. at least that is what thought but it comes back at 01:30 03:30am as well as the usualm9:00pm to 11:00pm. also saw a ghost horse 1st time i’ve very seen ufo and ghost. were scared hear and know it will be back. my writing is eratick bad as i am shaking still. help!! its like there’s more than one and there massing out hear or looking out hear for some thing they be back soon god help us.

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