UFO Sighting in Rhode Island on 2017-06-08 13:10:00 – Lights in cloud. took photos because it was strange, after looking at photo, maybe alians.

First of all, this feels stupid. on or about 6/8/17 at approx. 115pm.I was eating lunch outside. i was looking in the sky, i observed many clouds but one was glowing several different colors. i was wearing polarized sun glasses, which made the glowing very prominent. i kept pulling my glasses down,up, down & up, without my glasses on i could still see the glow but not good & if i wasn’t wearing glasses, i wouldn’t think twice about the glow. it was strange enough that i took several photos. looking at the photos later that day, the glow wasn’t very noticeable as wearing my glasses. as i blew the photo up, just below the glowing area, i believe there is at-least four alien’s. freaked me out & still does. not sure, give me some feed back please. hopefully i’m just seeing things in the clouds. thank you unanimous!!

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