UFO Sighting in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on 2016-09-27 03:00:00 – Felt paralysis & was determined to get up fighting a gravitational force holding me down to my bed, looked left while on my knees and saw 5 et’s…. closest et to me was a short grey about 1 foot away

As case # 77312 goes: i did have a tumor removed from “inside” my spinal cord years after this first encounter – but i do not know if this was the cause & effect which caused this tumor. i honestly believe the reason this tumor grew inside my spinal cord was that my father got affected with agent orange while in vietnam guarding aircraft such as b-52’s. this is a known issue from different cases & reports that if parents were affected with agent orange (especially women) then the offspring of these parents can develop tumors. it has caused in the past severe birth defects and mutations in children.

agent orange was sprayed in vietnam to get rid of foliage but the scientific reason they chose this chemical was the children who were affected by their parents with agent orange has a greater chance of having a higher iq. the military wanted to add a higher chance of people with a higher intelligence level to the united states gene pool in hope to create more scientists but did not know of the side effects that agent orange would bring to the people involved with it. since some of the main ingredients that make agent orange effective to kill foliage for runways & etc were extremely strong brain enhancers.

anyways; months after reporting case # 77312, around the time frame when donald trump was elected as united states president, (i never wrote down the exact day of this encounter – i just knew it was very early morning — pitch black outside – i woke up & had a very close encounter.

i have a question, maybe someone could answer this for me…. and i will report what happened:

what is the race of aliens that works with the greys? the greys i know are between the height of 3 to 5 foot tall. however “there is i know for a fact” an et race that might be gray or dark in color…. maybe black… couldn’t tell due to the blinding white light of my encounter….. and they are anywhere from 7 feet to 9 feet tall.

i heard of the tall white race, however, i read the white et race does not affiliate with the grey et race since they have disagreements. i have heard the grey’s do affiliate with the reptilian race, but aren’t that race green in color & have scales? i didn’t notice any scales but i was blinded due to the white light while looking at the tall alien race behind the greys.

and what i found really odd, the white light was where the wall of the house was…. as if they were able to phase through the wall & walk through the wall as if nothing was there. if it was not me waking up on my knees laying on my neck as if i were praying to mecca – i would think it would have been a very lucid dream (and i believe in jesus christ!!), however, i remember as soon as i looked away from the et’s they blacked me out & i woke up laying on my head on my knees. that is the only reason i knew it was not a dream & i know i am not crazy!!!

i was stunned & haven’t felt comfortable to talk about this with nobody for days after this encounter. and now i have fear even thinking about this. not being able to have full control of my body & actions really scares me. all we humans are….. is only a toy without the remote… they have the remote & all controls to do with you as they please.

i just pray for me talking about this does not have negative consequences. i am not sure of their true agenda. i do not know if they are here to better mankind or if they feed on our negative energies. and this truly scares me as well. what are your thoughts on this subject?

during my recent face-to-face encounter:
i remember i could see what was before me, no more than a foot of my bed was a gray et! behind the grey alien that was examining me was another gray with some sort of computer pad in his hands taking notes. i remember the grey aliens were wearing green camouflage army fatigues. behind the two grey aliens stood three other aliens that were extremely tall. the gray aliens stood about at most 4 foot tall. however behind the grey’s stood three very tall aliens that i think were wearing complete black fatigues. i could barely make out the tall aliens behind the two grey aliens due to the bright white light; where it appeared they were able to phase out my bedroom wall with a bright white light & walk straight into my bedroom. i was very close to the one grey alien (maybe less than 1 foot away). i was able to look straight into his/her eyes and saw a large retina & saw the grey aliens eye blink. i gave it all i had to get on my knees so i could sit upward. i wanted to communicate with the et’s but i was held down with a heavy gravitational force that seemed as if they wanted me planted to my bed. i said in my head “help me” as i starred into the grey aliens eyes. as soon as i looked away from the grey i was blacked out. i found myself waking up on my knees laying on my head as if i were praying directly 0 degrees north to mecca as people pray to god in the middle east.

i remember for months i was trying to learn computer programming that was taught to me 10 years earlier in college from 2002-2005. the very next day after the face-to-face encounter everything clicked in my head & was able to write the computer program i was working on for months. just as if they re-wired my brain to think differently as i believe they had done in 2005 when i had a different encounter bathing in a creek days after hurricane katrina that destroyed louisiana & mississippi (which is documented in a different mufon case # 77312).

i know i am not crazy but now i have completely moved on “from” wondering if aliens were real (are they flying triangle shaped aircraft in the air or was it top secret planes flown by our military) “to knowing” aliens exist and now i want to know what are their true agenda. are aliens the a) “watchers” as described in the holy bible or are they b) demons “as different priest has made statements about” or are they just c) “visitors” from a planet far far away visiting earth in case a disaster may happen. and “where” are the et’s coming from… which planet… and why have they not fully disclosing themselves to today’s human population?

i have been having visions & dreams of something serious about to happen with a fire burning everything in sight all around me. i wake up from these dreams feeling my skin burning as if i took nician. i do not know what to make of these dreams. but i would do anything to communicate with these alien races without them blacking me out again. allowing me full control of my body & mind and just to be able to communicate with them once more. anyone can call me crazy, but i know what i witnessed. and it was not from anything i have seen before on this planet. and since i woke up laying on my neck i know for a fact it was real!!!

i hope this knowledge i have provided helps someone for disclosure of the existence of the alien race. maybe one day the government will shatter these smokey windows & allow the truth to finally come out in the open. i believe we have come a long way since the early 1900’s in medical & technology. maybe one day the truth will finally occur. until this happens all we will get from any government are lies and denials.

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