UFO Sighting in Riceville, Tennessee on 2017-06-11 03:00:00 – Saw light coming down, investigated, walked out, being appeared, information given, no more contact until world peace is acheieved

my mother is 90 years old, disabled, and has alzheimer’s disease. it was 3 am, she was singing gospel songs. i heard with the baby monitor i have, i went on the front porch to smoke a cigar. (porch facing west) i saw a bright light coming down, i went to investigate. some lights similar to “star treks” transporters occurred, what looked like a gentleman, with eyebrows reaching to side of head. he told me, there will be no further contact until all nations learn how to settle their differences in peace. i heard a noise at my burning barrel, i turned to see what it was, i turned my head back, gentleman was gone, object in sky was gone.

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