UFO Sighting in Yardley, Pennsylvania on 2017-06-11 00:00:00 – 6/11at 4am woke and looked out window to see very bright light in sky. light appeared to pulse and have an array of different colored lights. hovered moving very slightly till 5:33 am when it started moving sw. at 11pm saw same light/object in sky same.

On 6/11 at 4am i woke and looked out 2nd story window to see a very bright light (thinking a planet) in the night sky. i continued to watch as object hovered, slightly moving. seemed to pulse and was too close to be a planet or star. sighting was very bright and i believe i saw white, red and blue/green light rotating on it or pulsing. the object looked disc like. the object was a good distance above the tree lines. airplanes passed with in the area and i could tell this was not a plane and not a helicopter by the size and movement. i woke my husband around 4:45 am. he also thought it was very strange. by this time the sun was coming up and the object was just as bright and visible.F we went to bed at 5am and when i woke at 5:33 am the object was further south west. i tried taking photos and video with an iphone which didn’t come out well.

that evening my husband and i saw the same object in the same spot in the sky. we we’re thinking this must be something explainable, or we’re losing it! it was around 11pm. the object was in the se sky again in the same spot and appeared very bright and hovered. i told my husband i couldn’t take this its to weird and headed upstairs for bed. as i got in bed and looked at the object it took off! it flew unlike any plan i’ve seen and seemed to go on its side then horizontal. it moved very fast up and over our home and nw. my husband also witnessed this. we ran out side and could hear a faint humming buzzing sound. we we’re both in aww. chatted for a minute and went back to bed. then to my amazement or i’m really crazy i saw the strangest park. a very bright ball of whitish yellow light was to the east of the original object in sky. it was big! above the trees 500 ft or so and hovered and moved irregularly up and then in a blink disappeared.

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