UFO Sighting in Beaumont, California on 2017-06-08 21:38:00 – Upon review of my nightly skywatch video, an unidentifiable object was seen

I do a nightly skywatch, filming only clear or mostly clear nights, so weather is not a factor when filming. using a ‘ghost-pro’ camera, which films in the ultraviolet range, also picking up some infra-red, but starlight is not filmable. this camera is tripod-mounted and unattended, it is equipped with a microphone, but the event was silent. upon review of the night of june 8, 2017, i felt i had filmed an unknown object, and there is an airplane that happens to be flying in the area, just above the time/date stamp, which is set to be accurate. the object appears some distance from plane, and is apparently near the same altitude. it seems to fade into view, brighten and hover, then moving from the south to the north, and fading from view. event lasts a full 5 seconds. i slowed the video by 50% and orbs, not visible at normal speed, flash from several positions around object. camera is oriented with north at bottom screen, east at the right side.

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