UFO Sighting in São Paulo, São Paulo on 2017-06-12 00:00:00 – Big, gray, silent, circular, speed

Object appeared in the sky brightly, with blue and red lights, with an interference-like sound that burns the ears, supersonic type, but without vibration, measured approximately 6 to 8 meters, was the height of 250 meters and then moved away and remained the same distance as commercial airplanes flies but from a low distance and stood statically for approximately 10 minutes, where the sky was clear, clear and cloudless. object of triangular shape, aspect of chrome metal and with the lights that were cited above, as mirrored led light, and, at home appeared a creature of short stature, yellow color beige, skin like snake all smooth and soaked in oil , large black eyes, a 6-year-old child’s body, large and misshapen feet and small arms and large hands and body and all limbs with black spots and scratches. big head well disproportionate. it was 45 cm away. apparently lowered. both the et and the disk appeared around 12:00 pm

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