UFO Sighting in Boise, Idaho on 2007-01-08 03:25:00 – Lights that tracked down and then back up changed places and then shot off into the night.

I was at home and had a need to go outside for some reason. i always look up at the sky. it was clear and cold. i was looking up and saw a bright orange/red light. i thought it was a plane but then as i continued to watch i saw that it was moving to strangely to be a plane. it was stopped and then it would move again. no sound at all. i then saw another orange red light and that one headed towards the other one and then they both went the other direction across the sky. soon there was a third. they were kind of doing a dance and i knew these were not planes or fireworks, they were something else. i was so excited. i ran inside and got my camera which is just a fine pix fuji but i had to try and get some pictures. so i continue to watch and i am watching this dance and then all of a sudden one after the other these things shoot straight up into the sky and are gone. in a blink they are gone. i had no doubt they were craft. i had seen previously in broad daylight years before the things that look like a fleet of balloons doing all kinds of crazy maneuvers with 2 other people. we never talked about it but to say “did you see that?” we had watched for what seemed like a half hour. when we went inside 3 hours had passed. when i saw those same “balloons” on a youtube video i freaked out and thought “i’m not crazy!, there they are”. unfortunately i did not have a camera with me.

i loaded the pictures from my camera to my computer and saw how small they were and thought “bummer”. later though i was looking at them and i zoomed in on them and they looked so strange. i did think about doing something with them but i didn’t know who to contact to have a look and frankly i was afraid to be considered a nut job. then i found you guys on youtube and watched your videos and heard that you were very well respected and the real deal so i’m sending them to you. they are small but i know you guys have better equipment to look at them. if they are nothing at least i know but i don’t think that is the case. the movement was just too strange. i saw something similar to this in the 70s and also on christmas eve a few years ago. then i even could hear a neighbor saying “do you see that?” to someone. i was in the back yard and ran out front to see who it was but i couldn’t find anything. i even posted on facebook that i just saw either santa’s sleigh or a ufo. one of my friends asked what i was drinking. if i recall right someone had gotten a picture and reported it. i saw the info online not too long ago. i think you guys do such a great job and hopefully you can tell me something, it’s bugged me for awhile and i’m glad that i finally got the nerve to contact you. thank you!

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