UFO Sighting in Crescent Valley , Nevada on 2017-06-14 12:13:00 – Ship in cloud former disappeared then a airplane appeared. it made no sound.

I will report on yesterday. but today i went out to see if any where still here and one close to me was. so i waverd to it. and sent a message telepathic message. i said “good morning i see you”. then i made it in sign language. that’s when the ship began to disappear completely. but then all of a sudden a airplane appeared. small plane no sound and no front propeller. it began to circle and i thought it’s about time mufon shrouded up and it disappeared. just as quickly as it appeared. they did tell me they have to stay and protect the area to day. they wouldn’t say why. i ran out of cards for my camera. i did see yesterday something they left in the ground pic’s of them self in a way. then last night they where ginger through the pictures i took through my mind. they where shuffling through them and it work me when i saw 3 pictures i took right there. loud and clear. they stopped when i blocked them and they also stopped when i was wide awake. they got what they where looking for. they where not on the trailer this time to do this. but they where above me hovering in there ship.
all of this sound like one hell of a faery tail, even to me as i write it down. but it’s not.

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