UFO Sighting in Norfolk, Virginia on 2017-06-10 00:00:00 – Black sphere recorded by by toy quadcopter cam unknown to operator at time of event. helicopter gave chase.

I unknowingly recorded on a quadcopter camera a large black sphere that was hovering almost directly over my operating position on the afternoon of saturday, 10 may 2017. my second flight i was facing eastward operating my drone within the confines of the parking lot of bay point marina, norfolk virginia. it was breezy which required dipping the drone often to keep it close . i brought it down changed the battery then took off again only to end up in a tree. after retrieving the quadcopter i then moved my operating position to the center of the parking lot facing south. after launching again, a really sharp looking light blue bell jeranger helicopter came hauling ass eastward over pretty lake and stopped directly in front of me adjacent to bay point marina. i thought perhaps i had been sited by norfolk international airport as their flight path is about a 3/4 mile away. i brought the drone down immediately because the jetranger pilot tripped his cyclic hard left/fwd accelerating in a tight arc directly over my position scaring the crap out of me. i quickly grabbed my quadcopter and hopped in my truck and went home.

the following day i transferred the video filed onto my computer for review. when i watched the second drone flight video i noted an anomaly at top rh corner at time signature 01:07. the drone then does one spin and dip and at time signature 01:18 – 01:20 the black sphere clearly appears almost directly over and above where i was sitting on the tailgate of my truck. i never heard or saw the sphere hovering behind me . based of the proximity go the houses below and the spheres hovering position i would estimate it to be approximately 3.5 to 4 foot in diameter.

it was at that moment i realized that i was not the reason the jetranger overflew me flying my cheap little plastic quadcopter. i hypothesize that due the proximity and size of that the orf faa radar operator picked the object on his screen and dispatched the helicopter to investigate.

i sure wish i had seen the hovering sphere with my own two eyes but having it on video as poor a quality that it is, is still very interesting. the third flight video show the helicopters pursuit of the sphere. i would sure like to find that pilot and ask him a few questions. it appeared to be a civilian helicopter as i saw only the nā€”ā€” number painted on the aft fuselage and no other markings.

these are all the details i can recall of the black sphere ufo event.

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