UFO Case Directory (RADCAT): “Category 9, RADAR Many Radar Controllers Track Large Blips July 12, 1952 Kirksville, MO”

The whole case report:
Brad Sparks:
July 12 (13?), 1952; Kirksville, MO (BBU 1436)
9:00 + 9:15 + 9:20 + 9:30 +11:04 + 11:07 p.m. (CST). Many FPS-10 radar controllers at 790th AC&W Sq tracked large radar blips at 1,500+ knots (>1,700 mph) to 4,800 knots (5,600 mph) [actual speeds about 5,000 to 6,000 mphin all 6 tracks] inbound and outbound on nearly identical straight-line azimuths in about the 124-293 mile range [suggestive of real objects below about 20,000 ft within the Vertical-Lower beam of FPS-10 but not caught within higher-aimed Vertical-Center or Vertical-Upper beams limited to >2° elevation angle]. 6 single targets each tracked at following azimuths (at times listed above) coming to/from 142°-134°, 001°-354°, 220°-202°, 321°-320°, 320°, and 004°, with none crossing to other side of scope, a classic interference pattern except none extended to center of scope or to outer edge but disappeared like a real object in and out of radar blind zones. Checks with regional radar stations found none with antennas ‘in opposition’ (matching direction of Kirksvilleradar antenna at the same moment). No visual sighting, or other confirmation of targets by other radars [apparently not even by the ot her component radars within the FPS-10 operating on different frequencies, such as the Slant-Lower beam which would have given height data, none reported, which suggests interference or selective radar emissions or ECM]. Radar targets registered only every other sweep (every 30 secs of the 4 RPM sweep rate) suggesting interference by a 2 or 6 RPM sweep rate radar. Possible IFO non-real radar interference. (Sparks; Berliner; BB files)”


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