UFO Sighting in San Diego, California on 2011-04-14 21:36:00 – Amazing light that disappeared, reappeared then went light speed into a gigantic red triangle that appeared in our atmosphere

It was about 9:36pm april 14th 2011. i had just come home from a class, i parked on a side street & starting walking towards my apartment when i saw a huge white light moving steady & slow way up in the horizon. i instinctly started going over all the possibilities of what it could be. way too large to be any type of passenger plane or 757. moving too slow & precise to be a meteor. i continued to observe the object until in a flash it completely disappeared/dematerialized in a flash. then about 2 inches over in the sky it reappeared/rematerialized going the same sloe deliberate speed. until all of a sudden it went “light speed” into a gigantic red triangle that materialized out of thin air. the u.F.O. & the gigantic red triangle/worm hole both disappeared with a bright flash.

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