UFO Sighting in Sebastopol, California on 2017-02-28 00:00:00 – Hovering high sky like a star. shot red laser clearly

I was watching something on youtube about that extraterrestrials are like spirits and that you have to send out signals to get their attention. so i did. i tried sending out signals that whatever they need to do i would want to help them.
one day i go outside (its already dark and a beautiful night sky, no clouds) and i look up and notice this star that is just brighter than any other star. i continue to watch the star as it seemed that this one just cought my attention. very slowly this star started moving (i assume against the earth rotation) and suddenly it made a 90 degree turn and moved faster (from my point of view it moved maybe an inch upwards) and suddenly a red laser (wider than the star) shoots out (from my angle about a centimeter far) at something. thru the movement of the light it was obvious a laser of some type. i continue watching and the star gets darker and is gone. the light went out and i couldn’t see it any more.

about a month later i had a bad sleep and i kind of woke up and i felt something telling me to keep my eyes closed. i feel a presence of 3 people around my bed. two on the left and one on the right. so i am laying there and suddenly i have this pulling feeling between my sack and my arsehole. it felt like somebody was pulling a string out of that area(the string felt like it was part of my body and it went really fast it lasted about one second)
i freaked out and opend my eyes and i was completely alone in my bedroom. no weird feelings anymore.
at this time my girlfriend was in the icu at the hospital and i was home alone.

i have not witnessed anything since but i feel like i have closed my mind towards it, because it was a quote shocking/scary encounter.

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