UFO Sighting in Ocean Shores, Washington on 2016-12-30 23:27:00 – Silent, bright red light flew e to w, accelerated instantly into sky then disappeared.

the following sighting occurred on the beach near the shilo inn, ocean shores, wa 12/30/16 at 11:27pm.
my husband and i were enjoying a bonfire on the beach and he told me to keep an eye out for meteors since it was such a clear, quiet night. we stepped away from the fire to look at the sky and i saw a meteor just below the constellation of orion’s belt. i told my husband i’d seen one next to the weird red light i had assumed was either a star or a plane. for approximately the next 30 seconds we watched this steady, reddish/amber light (it looked to us like a larger, brighter star) fly across the sky (e to w) at about plane speed but with no visible blinking lights and no sound whatsoever. the light suddenly accelerated rapidly upwards toward the sky, it went out once, came back on and then went out completely, disappearing. we didn’t see any planes or anything else in the sky where it occurred the rest of the night.

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