UFO News Article: “The R.A.A.F. Investigates Flying Saucers”

9 January 1954
(The West Australian, Perth, Australia)
The whole article:
“The R.A.A.F. today made its first official statement on flying saucers and revealed that it had been investigating saucer reports since 1947.
A spokesman said that in the past few years hundreds of reports had been received and all were treated confidentially.
Each report is investigated by a R.A.A.F. intelligence officer and 24 questions put to the person making the report are tabulated in a two-page ‘report of aerial object observed’ form.
The reports are not published to prevent people from making faked sightings and so that a true and accurate check can be made on similar observations.
Meanwhile, Melbourne’s spate of flying saucer reports continued today when two more were reported.
One man said he saw a shining circular object about 30 ft. in diameter giving out a red vapour as it passed over Malvern, a Melbourne suburb.
A woman late today said she saw what she thought at first was a large yellow star.
The ‘saucer’ stayed low in the sky and in the same position for some time.”


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(wikimedia.org image)

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